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How Nick Tarascio Has Implemented The "Pilot Mindset" To Successfully Run Ventura Air Services

Episode Summary

Nick Tarascio has quite the resume. He's not only a pilot but the CEO of Ventura Air Services. He is also the author of "Own Your Own Plane: It Costs Less Than You Think". He shares the pilot mindset philosophy that compares flight training to how people can live their best life principles. Have a destination in mind and then understand there will be rough terrain and weather that you need to navigate through. All of this relates to a great business model. Know your goal and monitor your business making adjustments along the way. Nick also shares how Ventura Air Services is not only a charter company for those who want to fly to destinations but a company that's involved in organ transport and life saving flights for NY hospitals. He educates us on how owning a plane is not as expensive and difficult as we are led to believe but assures us it is a commitment that needs to be truly thought about when the time is right. Ventura Air Services is a model paintbrush to create a life you want... a creative pursuit.

Episode Notes

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