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Vegky: The Most Delicious Vegan Jerky Made From The Stem of The Shitake Mushroom

Episode Summary

When you reach for that snack of jerky, Vegky is the one vegan jerky you need to have in your kitchen cabinet or for when you're on the go. Thomas Hong , creator, and founder of Vegky was on a mission to find delicious plant-based meat alternatives when traveling to his homeland of Taiwan. After trying a few different jerkies he came across one that stood out and he knew he had to share this with the United States and elsewhere. Vegky Jerky stands out because it is made from the stem of the shiitake mushroom, the hidden gem that is meaty and fibrous making for perfect and delicious meat-like jerky. It is the one jerky that doesn't compromise taste, quality, and your health.

Episode Notes

Thomas Hong